I believe passionately that it’s people that make things happen.

Leszek Jakubowski

To achieve success in any venture you need to be imaginative in approach, bold in your actions, and continually strive for excellence. You also need a large ingredient of toil, sweat and tears!

After two score and ten years as an entrepreneur and international consultant in the business sector, I now venture into the world of novel writing. I do this with slight trepidation but with a determination to achieve my goal of “writing a best seller that achieves critical acclaim.”

My first book “Fighting for Survival” is a human story about life and the trials and tribulations of business failure. I hope you enjoy it.

“Fighting for Survival”  is the story of two brothers who run an increasingly successful group of construction companies riding high in the boom years of the 1980’s. Originally a small family firm founded by Janek Sosinski, who arrived in England from Poland after the war, the Sosinski Group run by the brothers now comprises six companies. As Britain slides into recession in the early nineties, an expensive legal battle, a rift in the family, betrayal by the director of the most successful company within the group and the terminal illness of one of the brothers and joint managing director brings about the collapse of the group.


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Leszek Jakubowski’s “Fighting for Survival” is a behind the headlines story of the real effects of political policy and the economic recession – a vivid illustration of the human devastation caused by economic downturn. “Fighting for Survival” shows how the legal system gives judgement but no justice, and how a successful businessman can be destroyed by the intransigence of the banks and the manipulation of receivership. It is a story of an ordinary man fighting the legal and banking systems, an ordinary man betrayed by someone he trusts, a man who loses control to the institutions and fights the bank who callously serve a writ for one-point-two million pounds on his dying brother. He faces the loss of his business and his financial security, and equally courageously he faces the death of his brother, partner and best friend.



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